Paul Fletcher



Every event we host is different and the cost of hosting an event at Pangdean depends on many factors.  Since every event is bespoke, we prefer to provide personalised quotation for you rather than give standard rates.

However, when considering the cost of your wedding at Pangdean, there are two key elements that will affect the price: the venue charge and the food cost, which is usually quoted per head based on your anticipated number of guests.

Key considerations for your event that will affect the costs will be the day of the week, the month of the year, the number of guests and the type of food you choose.


Event date

Events can be held on any day of the week. Saturday is the most popular choice and attracts the highest cost over an almost equally popular and less expensive Friday. Sundays and public holidays are increasingly popular (and are available at the same rate as Saturdays). Weekdays are the least expensive option.  The month of the year has a significant impact on cost with the key summer months and December being most expensive.

Because we offer a variety of price options, we can work with you to try to find a date that suits your budget.


Menu selection

We have a large selection of dishes and can work with you to tailor a menu that suits your budget.  Because we are committed to excellent quality, whatever menu you select, we will be spending a lot of time cooking an outstanding meal for you. Therefore your menu selection won’t hugely affect the per-head cost, although each additional course served will have an upward impact.


How do I get an idea of costs?

You can get outline of the costs by asking Gill in our office to send you an email with more information on venue charges and menu costs.  We will then spend time with you to understand what kind of event you want to create.  Once we have a clearer idea of your date, guest list and type of function, we can provide a detailed quotation.

Bear in mind that your cost per head will be less if you have a large guest list, and slightly more if you have a small guest list.  This is because we have to factor in running costs that remain the same no matter the size of the event.


Outstanding value for money

Because there are no hidden extras, and no corkage charge, your wedding at Pangdean presents excellent value for money.